We're Dharma Film Video Productions, from the screenplay to the final product. Did you look for a Music Video or Commercial one? Maybe you're in the right place, have Sit and sip a coffee. But first let me tell somethings about me.  Last summer I didn't toured Asia 'cause i played last Word of Warcraft Expansion. My goal it's to see one more season of "Lost" and maybe I would like to drive the  Enterprise ( NCC 1701D) spaceship.  Trust me, "The Wizard of Oz" it's a trip where You can see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. I thinks is enough, do you?

Amedeo G.
Luigi Z.

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We are based in Italy and YES We love to travel all around world! There is no place too far, or culture too far. We did some stuff in some place in Europe ( Berlin, Paris, Normandy ),  We lived outside Italy for many years, and we love this multicultural aspect of our life experience! If you can, please give you a gift and travel all around word!


From the very start at pre-production, we wants to work with you to create a successful video product for both of us. We want to find out exactly what you are looking for and then use our expertise to deliver a product that meets all of those specifications, but remember, We will never deliver a product until even we're not be satisfied about it, the customer isn't always right.

We deal with:

  • Music Videos

  • Commercials

  • Corporate Advertising



You can send an email to, or check out the CONTACT form, it just requires a few seconds!


We like 80’s & 90’s Movies, but also we must appreciate the new Netflix productions from which seems be born a new manifesto in terms of script and concept. You can't image how much we love Movies, comics and video games am literally addicted about it. It is from here that we draw inspiration  and we write our stuff. We always try to play our ideas in a metaphorical way, through strong images that usually have more meanings at one time, just because we believe that there isn't only one meaning about ours experience in terms of human beings. Most of the time isn't that easy , but sometimes it happens!

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